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  Firm Overview

Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC is a young, dynamic law firm, long on experience, that has been growing rapidly since its inception in July 1997. The firm was initially formed at the request and encouragement of several medical malpractice insurance carriers serving doctors and health care facilities in the States of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Florida.

Since that time, the firm has continued to grow in order to keep pace for the demand of services that our current clients require.  All of the lawyers within the firm devote their practice exclusively to litigation and trial work, with substantial experience in the areas of medical malpractice defense, long-term care defense, civil rights litigation, employment discrimination, worker’s compensation and auto liability litigation.

Practice Areas
Fee Arrangements & Philosophy
Whonsetler & Johnson employs a pragmatic approach to its fee arrangements, and is always eager to work with its clients to develop an efficient and satisfactory agreement.  The firm’s current clients utilize retainers, fixed fee arrangements and hourly rates, depending upon the individual client’s needs.

While many of our clients choose to be billed at an hourly rate for work performed, the firm has an affinity for fixed fee arrangements so as to provide the client with the satisfaction of knowing up front their exposure in terms of legal expense.  Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC pledges to work with the client to develop billing arrangements satisfactory to its needs.

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